Pre-Renovation Consultations

The pre-renovation consultation is a unique type of inspection for home owners considering a renovation.

The pre-renovation consultation is a unique inspection for all home owners with renovation visions who are requiring advice on how to go about bringing their dreams to fruition. This type of inspection pays special attention to the areas of the home defined in the owner's plans for their future home. It's an entirely different kind of inspection; one that requires someone with a lot of renovation experience. Martyn Boyce of House Consulting Services & Inspections is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced inspectors in the field. As a professional engineer, he gives the right advice to homeowners considering a renovation.

Martyn Boyce supervised and directed home renovations in Toronto for over ten years. Needless to say, he has the necessary knowledge and experience to advise you on any of your future renovation decisions. One of the greatest benefits of the pre-renovation consultation is that we can inform you of exactly how to go about your renovation and if your ideas are reasonable given the pre-existing structure. Our objective is to help you understand how to keep costs down, but ultimately how to make you dreams come alive.

All Martyn's consultations include the use of a thermal imaging camera.
Professional Engineers of OntarioInternational Association of Certified Home InspectorsIAC2 CertifiedInfrared CertifiedThe Clean Trust Certified