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Toronto Mold Inspections

Mould growth on roof sheathingMould gorwth on drywall
Water damage in buildings is a common problem. Water can find its way into structural cavities which can lead to serious, costly consequences and have everlasting effects upon its occupants. The detections of water in a building can often only be discovered with the use of sophisticated moisture detection meters & thermal imaging cameras.

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that grows in buildings where moisture, air, a food source, and temperature all meet the conditions for growth. Mold is everywhere, indoors and outdoors and not all molds are bad mold. If mold levels indoors are higher than the levels found outside the house, the house air quality may be compromised and reasons for concern may apply.

Mold inside a home is generally caused by some form of water intrusion. Since some molds only need 24-48 hours to start growing, finding and eliminating the source of water intrusion should be the top priority.

If you suspect mold in your home, you may want to consider a mold inspection by an IICRC-certified professional to further evaluate the possible problem. The inspection process includes sampling, which is an effective method to assist and determine the scope of the problem and to understand what areas of the property have been impacted.

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